Equity Design Collaborative


When we design our future, Who has the power to decide?

A collection of individuals and organizations exploring and practicing Equity Design


We live within oppressive structures and mindsets that benefit few, at the cost of many. How this reality can move towards collective liberation is complex. In the face of this complexity, creativity can take root.  Equity design is an emerging field that brings together a deep commitment to social equity with an innovative practice of developing creative solutions to the most pressing disparities and injustices in our world today. By altering the traditional “design thinking” approach to intentionally disrupt systems of oppression, we believe that our equitable design process leads to equitable outcomes. The equity design practice follows in the footsteps of generations of activists, organizers, thinkers, and freedom-fighters to whom we owe gratitude for their contributions in building towards a just world.


Oppressive systems in this nation were designed, and thus can be redesigned. We are bringing forward a radically new type of design to create that change.

Photo credits on this page: Adrian Octavius Butler


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